PCH & Associates, Inc.
was founded in 1996 for the purpose of providing high quality Independent Insurance Adjusting Services to Insurance carriers throughout the United States.

The founders of PCH recognized that an opportunity existed for an Independent firm that was willing to set a higher quality standard and relentlessly adhere to it. As Supervisors with a major insurance carrier, they had first hand experience with the frustration of supervising ill equipped and poorly trained independent adjusters. They saw the high dollar cost, incurred by their employer, as a result of independent companies who routinely supplied a few competent adjusters and an equal, if not greater, number of individuals woefully unprepared for the task to which they were assigned.

PCH & Associates, Inc. is the result of that experience. Through the individual and collective efforts of its associates, PCH strives to provide the highest levels of service to insurance companies and their policyholders while continuously pursuing our stated goal of developing and maintaining the highest quality group of independent insurance adjusters in our industry.



Our adjusters are well versed in estimating software, insurance adjustment practices, and insurance policy coverages. PCH continuously seeks to improve its systems and processes to ensure our quality leadership position.

PCH adjusters become intimately familiar with carrier policies and procedures as well as file requirements. They are expert insurance adjusters and are charged with the responsibility of personally seeking the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy. Customer satisfaction surveys are an integral part of this process and become part of each adjuster’s performance file.


PCH adjusters adhere to dress and grooming standards in recognition of their representation of our customer to its insureds. They are committed to being the best in the industry and enjoying the benefits and rewards associated with excellence.


Claims are faxed to our central office via a toll free number for distribution to the individual adjuster. Confirmation of receipt and assignment is transmitted back to the appropriate claim representative at the carrier.


PCH seeks to provide the fastest claim turn around time consistent with the highest levels of quality.


PCH supervisors are required to continuously monitor the work of each independent adjuster for whom they are responsible. Random file reviews, as well as customer satisfaction surveys are utilized as tools which allow for continuous performance assessment.

PCH’s Independent Adjusting Services are designed and delivered from a foundation built upon an understanding of the common challenges faced by both carriers and independent adjusters. Our understanding of these common challenges is coupled with a relentless dedication to the unique needs of both parties. Our goal is to serve each party in a manner that enhances productivity, thereby providing you, our customer, with a strong return on your investment in claims services.

PCH distinguishes itself through a customer specific, service-first approach to providing adjusting services throughout the United States. From the founders and officers, who are experienced, expert adjusters, through the supervisory and line staff, PCH values insurance expertise at every level of service.

The people of PCH take pride in defining our relationships with carriers and adjusters as service partnerships. The spirit of innovation and dedication that permeates our organization is best understood through interaction with our staff and independent adjusters. These are the individuals who embody our philosophies, support our services, and exude the commitment that drives our organization.

We envision, and continuously strive to achieve, a close working relationship with both the insurance carriers and independent insurance adjusters we serve. Our mutual goal is the ongoing development and delivery of the best, most efficient and cost effective independent adjusting services possible.

PCH is interested in pursuing a service partnership with you. If you would like any additional information, please contact us at (888)-464-1343 or e-mail us at info@pch-assoc.com.

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